Spirit In The Dark Album Cover

Spirit In The Dark Album Cover

OMG! A post about Linds without even mentionning Ronson. Gosh, I must be in fire. Our delightful Lindsay Lohan said she wanted to cover a song from pop princess/queen/hag/hoe Britney Spears (I kid, I kid, I love Britney). Well, that’s great, isn’t it? Actually, no it isn’t. I want to have some refreshing new material on Linds new album, not some kind of cover of a pop hit. Lohan’s Spirit in The Dark, was supposed to be releassed last year, around the month of November, but was post-poned for an ulterior date, after Bossy, the first single, didn’t manage to crack the Billboard Hot 100, and the iTunes Chart. Sad, cuz I actually liked the song…


Wow! I think I’m blessed, in less than 4 months, my blog accumulated more than 126,000 visits! That is simply amazing. I want to thank every single person that made this possible, thanks a lot folks, and make sure to tune in, next week to discover 3M’s new website ;)!

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Here are some pictures of the making-of 50 Cent’s new video…

Natasha Beddingfield ft. Sean Kingston – Love Like This

New song leaked from Alicia Keys’ upcoming album.

Two new promotional picture for Britney’s upcoming album!




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Sorry guys, I have a lot of things to do, so I just stopped by to tell you that I may not upload anything this week. If I have a bit more time, you’ll get all the news by Wednesday 😉

Celine Dion – Taking Chances

Celine we love you 🙂

Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day

Linking Park, long time no talk huh? Well, it seems like they’re still alive, and that’s a good news…

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